Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gifts in a Jar - Collections


Straight from your kitchen; it’s become a holiday tradition now – the growing collections of ‘gifts in a jar’.  They are all over the internet, blogs and websites.  Thought I’d make a post, open a category and collect links to what is already out there.  Since so many have built their own collections, it would be redundant for me to repeat one by one, so let’s go for collections.

Found this one today at ‘The Old Front Porch’ and they have a pretty good collection already underway there.

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The Joy of Being said...

This is such a pretty page. i have added here a link to one of my sites that has more gift in a jar, food gifts and mixes. TheWholeDarnedFamily@groups.msn.com
Click onOur cook book and then click on gifts in a jar. There are other categories such as Homemade mixes and food gifts that would go along with this idea.